Bounce through hundreds of fun and challenging levels in this new breakout game.

Bounce is completely free to play but does have some paid features such as more moves, boosters, skip a level that is proving to difficult and more lives

Game features:
  • Break through the bricks to pass each level
  • Helpful boosters to use when you get stuck
  • Hundreds of levels to break thru, more added regularly
  • Challenging SINGLE shot levels, can you break through to the next chapter? All it takes is a well aimed ball
  • Share your successes and scores on Facebook and Twitter
Tap and hold to show the direction indicator. Drag your finger to rotate the direction indicator until it's facing the direction you want Bouncy to travel. Release finger to start Bouncy moving.

Blocks lose 1 hit point every time you bounce into them, progressively moving down to White color before they are removed. The more blocks you bounce into in a single move the higher the score multiplier increases.
Move over pickups to collect them.

Bump into bombs to push them into other items. Once the bombs make contact it will attach and explode. Use them to help break through blocks, collect pickups and break through walls.
Bounce on to springs to get extra bounce. They come in handy when you're short on moves.

Avoid bouncing onto the spikes.
Tap an area of the game grid to shoot a lightning strike and zap the area around where you tapped.

Trigger an earthquake to shake the entire game grid.

Lightning strikes and Earthquakes both remove 1 hitpoint from all objects in the game grid.